NaPoWriMo Poem #18: Stir Crazy

By Daniel Paiz

The title is not meant to fool you, but merely reflect the state of things for both this writer as well as likely many of you out there. Sure, there are hobbies to do. Yes, you and I both need to take more of those language lessons we keep touting proudly to ourselves in our own heads (but are still doing nothing about). Plus, while it would be enjoyable to try another recipe of something we eat like twice a year at home; however, I know myself will either bail on it before starting, or be disappointed should it not turn out like my all-time favorite version, which is of course very unrealistic.

Any who, the below might reflect how things are going on your end, or not. Enjoy?

napowrimo stir crazy

Stir Crazy


at a screen I should’ve turned off hours ago,


After a mere three hours since I scarfed down

some chips and cold Joe


At how I was going to get so much done just

like the last time I had a four day weekend, wait

THIS IS NOTHING like a four day weekend,

Why do I keep seeing suggestions on how to

be productive as if everything closed is a joke?

When it’s actually the opposite of that though



I could write a melodramatic piece

thanking nurses, doctors, and checkers,

firefighters, EMTs, and food wait staff,

but it would be pedestrian and cheesy,

besides I wonder if it helps the ones moody,

I’d be feeling the same way while

mindlessly shuffling playlists from Nas to Choosey,

You and I shouldn’t be thanking people

that were placed in terrible positions,

all because wealthy clucks were too greedy

and their portfolios momentarily weren’t both


Easter Sunday and banana bread, risen

but I’m getting distracted,

didactic could’ve been my free time,

but instead its amounted to haikus and rhymes,

and it’s not the stir crazy you’d expect,


it’s the one where the future feels resigned,

aligned to disconnections, occasional videos,

between me and those I know and sometimes knew,

to tell you the truth,

perhaps besides the death, this was for the best for us,

though you might not want to admit to that proof.




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