NaPoWriMo 2020 Special Edition: Poetry by Xarly Mendoza

By Daniel Paiz

As you may have noticed, this go-round of NaPoWriMo hasn’t had the video submissions that we did in 2019. Unfortunately that is due to this global pandemic that has made it a bit harder to film people in person. Luckily my early start on trying to film more poets this year did yield a bit of fruit before everything was cancelled.

If you checked out NaPoWriMo last April, you know who this poet is from last year. In addition to being one of a handful of dope poets in 2019, he’s also been one of my first guests on the our recently started then paused podcast show, Denver Cyphers. He can tell stories like the best of them and takes pleasure in flipping the script in whatever way possible. With that being said, our first Special Edition video poem features none other than Denver’s own Xarly Mendoza.

And now our feature presentation…

Here’s the first Special Edition poem of NaPoWriMo 2020, featuring Xarly Mendoza:


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