NaPoWriMo May Edition 2020: Decades

By Daniel Paiz

With the popularity of this year’s edition of NaPoWriMo, it only feels right to post a poem or two each month until next April. That way, we’re keeping those poetic skills sharpened and connecting with a big part of our audience. Poetry is like music in how it can speak to anyone.

The following piece is both a letter to my future myself, and a look back at life. The older you get the quicker the years fly by. Somehow decades pass like individual years. That’s why this is a reminder of sorts.


From 9 having hoop dreams,

to 19 and changing the world it seemed,

At 29 I’m listening

to beats by J Dilla and No I.D.,

See those Donuts won’t feed your hunger,

The one speaking inside of your dreams,

Manifestation is malignant,

Action is the cure to everything,


But overeating dreams is painful,

getting lost in what-ifs and smokescreens,

remember being dumped just proves,

you’re unrelenting in what you believe,

And no houses of worship can convert this,

kind of prayer……….,

the one where you take that leap of uncertainty

or always dwell on the ledge of despair


Now that those doubts are in the open,

I revealed my best hand,

Second thoughts is the leading cause

of betrayal of one by thine own plan,

Regret is a ticking curse,

and should you fall victim to its tomb,

claw and dig repeatedly,

until fresh air is all you consume,


Congrats on making it out of here,

The trail is one just like Bastille,

Storming and traipsing through,

Your mask to a revealed you,

No mirrors can glamorize

what it is you plan to reach,

Storm the uncertainty,

to release those unrequited dreams



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