Triplet Thoughts (National Poetry Writing Month Poem #13)

By Daniel Paiz

National Poetry Writing Month can consist of any kind of poetry your palpitating heart desires. There really is no wrong answer when it comes to format. There are of course a few rules here and there to follow, but it’s mainly to give some sense of structure.

Triplet rhyme tends to be thought of for newer artists who might be considered mumble rappers. However, triplet rhyming is something that has been around much longer than that. It’s also something that has been making its appearance all over, and it seems like as long as you have seven to ten-ish syllables, you’ve used it correctly. Whatever the case might be, see if you’re still debating it over the triplet thoughts below.

Triplet Thoughts

Whether or not,

you’re not feelin’ this spot,

that’s how I cast out your lot,

think this whole thing over,

whether it’s Geo or Rover,

roll bars will make you real sober,

by which I do indeed mean,

you’re inebriating your dreams,

that’s a focusing mull over,

upset I’m calling your bluff now,

all of the antics

hiding what’s found,

you saw what it is and it astounds,

just look over that mirror,

reflecting on what glass reveals,

point fingers at who’s the real deceiver.


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