In Between (National Poetry Writing Month poem #17)

By Daniel Paiz

National poetry writing month is for trying out all kinds of ideas. It’s also about capturing different parts of life, although there’s an issue with this. Well, not an issue, but more so of a realization to be honest.

Often times it feels like I might be discussing one particular epiphany, or series of events, or a memorable moment in life. Life as we all know though is not always full of those moments. A lot of the time, it’s the repetitive nature of work or meals or whatever else you might do daily. This piece is reflecting on what those moments mean, moments that exist in the in between.

In Between

Mundane means there might not be much change,

but sit there and think about that for a second:

how often does radical or significant change happen to you?

I might enjoy different challenges

or events that happen

from time to time,

but if I have big things happening daily,

I might be very concerned.

What’s more concerning is,

that it isn’t as concerning that

I seem to be moderately comfortable with the in between.

Work, meals, sleep, hobbies

all will happen in some format,

but those times between work tasks,

those times where I clock out or clock in,

can be so much fuller and richer than they are.

Living a “should be” life is not what I’m after,

but rather I seek dafter experiences,

frequented monotony so the dichotomy of move or stay

must be left astray for my evolution in some condition.

Basically, I wordily and readily admit,

no need to sit in the in between with comfort quite unfounded, it’s

a confusing realization but one that might just push,

action to arrange that dial be switched to necessary shook.


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