NaPoWriMo 2020 Poem #20: Anniversary full of Bronze

By Daniel Paiz

If you would have told me eight years ago that I’d still be running this blog, I likely would not have believed you. Writing about topics ranging from comic book movies and TV adaptations to haikus and rhymes, it all seems like a blur at times. From interviewing local artists to filming big names like DJ Jazzy Jeff and Tom Morello of Rage Against The Machine, it’s been fun. It’s been tiring at times too.

When you go at something solo, you have to dedicate yourself regardless of the roadblocks. Eight years is a long time and yet no time at all, simultaneously. It’s also known as the anniversary that includes bronze, so let’s reflect a bit on these eight bronze-worthy years.

Anniversary full of Bronze

Kusunoki Masashige and I are very different,

no horse riding or loyal end for me,

see my statue likely will never be razed

due to a lack of construction,

but the function Kusunoki and I serve,

is similar in but one conjunction,

there’s bronze in both of our futures,

his is just a bit more weathered.


Tethered by choice to

Raise my voice, through

pen iterations despite concentration

the equation to do this eight years is simple,

discuss what you love and fail repeatedly

Oh don’t believe in me,

I’m used to it,

I’ve proven ruthless,


Just ask those in certain Denver health departments

how tenacious I am at defying their tones,

Sown seeds despite breezes,

and expectant growth phrases,

Blatant it might seem but this wasn’t

my dream only burned up steam,

If eight years is a down payment,

imagine what’ll come in the next ten to fifteen?


It’s not a bid or a nod to the camera rig,

It’s a declaration of existence for me if

for no one else, these words come

trickling out of me consistently with

the bullet traces scattered across shooting ranges,

No deranged aiming, it’s precision with practice

I’ve mapped it out and started over again,

Cypher Sessions is eight years closer to writing zen


Thanks to everyone who has been checking out Cypher Sessions. Whether it’s your first few reads or you’ve been clicking over the years, it is very much appreciated. Don’t expect year nine to have the writing slowing down; the opposite might unfold instead.



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